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    I had always wanted to go backpacking, but to be honest was quite apprehensive about it.

    Now that I've been and done it, I can tell you that backpacking is absolutley amazing and I have no idea what I was worried about. That's exactly why I set up this site, to allay any fears you may have and help inspire you to go travelling.

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    How To Easily
    Meet People When Travelling Alone

    Meet People Backpacking

    One of the main fears about travelling solo is making friends. Many people worry about becoming lonely and feel the need to try and find a travel buddy or partners online.


    There is absolutely no need to find a travel companion before going travelling. Backpacking alone is the most rewarding way to travel and you will have no problem meeting people, so long as you make the effort to be sociable and follow our tips in this article.

    "everyone is in the same boat"

    Admittedly meeting new people can be daunting at first, but it becomes such a natural thing you don't even think about it.

    Hundreds of thousands of people go backpacking alone every year, so there are plenty of people to meet in the same boat; every backpacker wants to meet new people, is there to have fun and is in a friendly mood!

    Be confident, approachable and cheerful and you will have no problem finding travel partners or drinking buddies.

    But, remember:

    You do need to make an effort - sitting on your bed with your earphones in, waiting for someone to talk to you, won't work!

    You are also going to struggle if you are staying in a private room or hotel - the best thing about staying in hostels is how amazingly sociable they are.

    Backpacker Ice Breakers

    To get going, simply start a conversation by just saying "Hi, how's it going?". You can usually judge by a person's response if they're in the mood for talking. If someone doesn't seem receptive back don't feel down, they may just be having a bad day or want some peace and quiet; it's nothing to do with you, just move on to someone else.

    There are 5 "backpacker ice breakers" that you will get tired of saying and hearing, but what everyone starts out with:

    •   Where are you from?

    •   Where have you been?

    •   How long have you been travelling for?

    •   Where are you going after this?

    •   Is there anything you would recommend?

    You can talk to someone for half an hour about the above and by then you should be very acquainted and comfortable with that person.

    Best Places To Meet People On Your Travels

    Some of you may not be worried about your people skills, but just finding people in the first place.

    This really shouldn't be a concern, there are plenty of places to meet people:

      Dorms - it's rude not to start a conversation with someone you are sleeping with. The bigger the dorm, the more people to meet.
      Social Areas - there will always be people in the hostel lounge, games room, etc. and everyone in there, is there because they want to be social, so don't be shy about joining a group conversation.
      The Hostel Kitchen - whilst waiting for your pasta to cook start a conversation with the other person waiting for their pasta to cook, instead of both standing there in silence.
      Tours - a bus full of people to talk to.
      Through Others - once you start meeting people, you will be introduced to many more people without even having to try.
      On Transport - most people take the same routes. If someone has a massive backpack with them they are probably a backpacker so talk to them.
      Backpacker Bars - in the rare case you can't meet anyone in a hostel, go out. Popular backpacker destinations will usually have some sort of backpacker bar.
      Tourist Spots - you can usually spot a backpacker a mile off at tourist spots. Ask them to take a photo of you and go from there.

    ...and if you want to meet locals while travelling:

      Work - the best way, but you will need a relevant visa and probably need to speak the language.
      Get off the beaten track - in Phuket the only locals you meet will be trying to sell you something. Go somewhere other travellers don't go.
      Visit local hangouts - I will often go to a bar on my own to watch the football and strike up a conversation with a local watching the game - it's an international language.
      Ask in hostels - the person behind reception is usually a local and therefore a valuable information source for everything local.

    If you are still struggling to meet people, you may be doing something wrong.

    Here Is How Not To Make Friends Travelling:

      Invade peoples personal space - if someone is on their laptop or has earphones in, then they are probably just getting some alone time and don't want to talk, so leave them be.
      Try too hard - you don't need to cook everyone in the hostel dinner to make friends. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this, trying too hard can make you look a bit desperate and odd. Just act naturally.
      Be someone you aren't - similarly to the above, just be yourself. Don't be over talkative if you aren't usually or claim to know what people are talking about when you have no idea.
      Be inconsiderate - this covers a lot a things; don't put your wet towel on someone's bed, throw your clothes all over the floor, turn the lights on/ talk in the dorm at 2am, take forever in the bathroom, etc, etc. Use your common sense, if you wouldn't like it done to you, don't do it to others.
      Boast or show off - you may impress one person, but to everyone else you will seem like a complete ****!
      This may sound harsh, but it is true: by doing any of the above, people will talk negatively about you to others, meaning you are at risk of isolation until you move on.

    It is all pretty simple stuff really; after you start travelling you will wonder what exactly it was you were worried about.

    Your people skills will improve noticeably after travelling - great and reassuring news for those people worried about how travelling will influence your career.

    So get going, start talking and make new friends!

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