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    About The Author

    I had always wanted to see the world from a young age - I have had a world map on my wall for as long as I can remember. Before backpacking I was fortunate enough to visit many parts of the world with my family and built up a great passion for travelling. However, I realised the problem with travelling with your family on holiday, is it limits your time to a couple of weeks and usually only one destination.

    After graduating I spent two years working in a dreary office environment, in the London Insurance Industry. I felt too young and full of life to be in such a serious environment and I had a massive itch to scratch. It felt like now or never for me - I didn't want to regret not taking my chance. So I did it. I plucked up courage and took the difficult step of quitting a well paid job, in the heart of a recession, to do something I had always wanted to do.

    I spent the next month planning, then set off on my first adventure. I spent 3 months travelling around Eastern and Central Australia, followed by another 3 months in South East Asia. Due to lack of funds I returned to England in the middle of January. After about 2 months living back in the bitterly cold and returning to the office, I decided I wasn't finished yet - I had caught the bug!

    A month later I was back in Australia on a year long working holiday. Which I capped off with another 3 months travelling around New Zealand and Far East Asia.

    Unfortunately, again due to money, I am back in England, waiting to go again.

    About The Site

    This site aims to provide you with all the first hand advice and experience you need about backpacking and will try to help answer the thousands of questions that budding travellers, such as yourself, have spinning through their head. I know from experience how daunting it is to be going, to be planning to go or even thinking about going. I want to help answer the questions I struggled to find and dispel some of the myths I read and heard before I went.

    This site is about pure enjoyment for me. I love discussing my travels with people and get really excited for people when they tell me they are going. My goal is to inspire people to just go and do it (live your life!), as well as providing more experienced travellers with advice and stories from my experiences.

    Thanks for visiting, Craig

    about me

    Me in Hong Kong

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