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    Other Good Backpacking Websites And Blogs

    Travel Blogs

    Backpacker Advice aims to answer all your questions, but everybody is different and backpacking is certainly a unique and individual experience, so I highly recommend checking out multiple sources for your advice.

    There are many other top backpacking sites & cool travel blogs on the internet. Below, in no particular order, are some of my favourite blogs and sites that helped me before I went off on my travels.

    Travel Independent is an independent, non-commercial site by travellers for travellers. The site is one of the most detailed on the web and encourages people to travel on their own, providing all the information you could possibly need.

    This site started off as the miscellaneous ramblings of a solo backpacker and has since grown into one of the largest Gap Year blogs on the web. This site is featured on Lonely Planet, STA Travel buzz and various other leading travel websites and blogs.

    Created by backpackers, for backpackers, offers expert advice on travelling, volunteering and working abroad, all tied together with inspirational ideas, opportunities and products.

    This blog was created by Stephanie Yoder who has been traveling pretty much non-stop since graduating from college in 2007. Since the first post in July 2009, this website has grown to be one of the top independent travel blogs on the internet.

    Wander with Jess and discover how to get the most out of traveling on a budget, and how to live as an expat anywhere in the world.

    Reviews, advice and banter for the round the world travel by a travelling surfer.

    A family blog that will help get you inspired and informed to go travel, and travel more often.

    Bemused Backpacker is an indispensable resource on how to backpack and travel the world independently.

    A solo female traveller's tales, rants on the road, reviews and general wanderings.

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