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    About Backpacker Advice

    I had always wanted to go backpacking, but to be honest was quite apprehensive about it.

    Now that I've been and done it, I can tell you that backpacking is absolutley amazing and I have no idea what I was worried about. That's exactly why I set up this site, to allay any fears you may have and help inspire you to go travelling.

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    10 Tips On How To Avoid Jet Lag

    Plane Wing Sunset, Jet Lag

    Jet lag can be very unpleasant and ruin the first few of days of your trip, causing disturbed sleep patterns, weakness and disorientation.

    It can be worse when you travel from west to east because you are travelling in the opposite direction to the earth’s spin and therefore your body finds it more difficult to adjust.

    By following these 10 simple steps below you can dramatically reduce the effects of jet lag:

    Before Flying

    1. If Possible Book A Flight That Arrives In The Late Evening

    Usually after a long flight the first thing you want to do is go to bed, and that’s exactly why you should find a flight that arrives late, so you can. Between 8 and 9pm is the perfect time to arrive - by the time you get to your accommodation it will be time for bed, then you can sleep for as long as you want and be fresh the next day as well as being in the local time sync. Much better than arriving at 10am and desperately trying to stay awake until bedtime.

    Use flight comparison websites to find the best flight for you, and you may also want to check out our Flying Tricks and Airport Tips.

    2. Consider Incorporating A Stopover

    Why not cut your flight time in half by stopping off at another destination on the way. Not only do you tick another country off your list, but also make it easier to adapt to your final destinations time zone. There are some fantastic short stay stops between Europe and Australasia, including Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai.

    3. Adjust Your Sleep Routine

    If you're travelling east try to get up and go to bed earlier a few days before you set off to help pre-adjust to your destination time zone. If you're travelling west try to get up and go to bed later.

    On The Plane

    4. Reset Your Watch

    Change the time on your watch, phone and any other device to your destinations time as soon as you board. This will help you mentally prepare for the new time zone and also assist with step 5.

    5. Live On Your Destinations Time Zone

    If it is night time at your destination try to sleep; if it is day time try to stay awake. By doing this you will help your body clock adjust to your destinations time zone.

    6. Pack Earplugs And Eyeshades

    It can be hard enough to sleep on an aeroplane at the best of times, so try to make it as easy as possible by cutting out the engine noise and cabin lighting.

    7. Drink Water Constantly

    Hydration is the key to preventing jet lag – the dry cabin air is one of the main causes. You should drink at least a glass every hour you are awake on the plane.

    8. Avoid Alcohol And Sleeping Pills

    Drinking alcohol is one of the worst things you can do when it comes to jet lag, as it severely dehydrates you – there will be plenty of opportunity to drink when you arrive anyway. Sleeping pills and other medication are also actually more of a hindrance than you may think, leaving you groggy and your body clock even more out of sync.

    9. Exercise

    Moving around regularly and doing in seat exercises helps to keep your blood circulating, making you feel more fresh on arrival.

    When You Get There

    10. Adjust To Your New Routine

    No matter how tempting it may be do not lie in the next morning or go to bed early. Natural daylight is the best remedy for beating jet leg. Try to be as active as possible on your first day – it may be difficult, but will help you get over jet lag much more quickly.

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