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Guide To Laos

laos backpacking guide

Laos Map

Must Visit Places Laos

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    Area - 44,579,000 sq km

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    Asia Recommended Vaccinations

    Always consult your doctor before travelling. The information below is only a guide. Vaccination requirements can change.

    Routine Boosters (MMR, DPT and Polio).

    Hepatitis A.

    Hepatitis B (optional).

    Meningitis (only Hajj pilgrims).

    Japanese Encephalitis (rural farm areas).

    Rabies (optional).


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    Laos Map

    Must Visit Places Laos

    Guide To Laos

    laos backpacking guide

    backpacking ebook

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    Top Places To Visit In Laos

    1. Luang Prabang

    Luang Prabang is a humble city covered with some of the most beautiful temples and one of the best night markets in South East Asia. Nearby are some fantastic natural wonders, in the form of Kuang Si Falls and Pak Ou Caves.

    2. Bokeo Province

    The Mekong River and the thick, lush and untouched jungle are what makes Bokeo Province so special - a great place for nature and adventure lovers.

    3. Vang Vieng

    The party capital of Laos, home to the infamous tubing river. Vang Vieng is a beautiful riverside town with a stunning backdrop of limestone karst mountains. Vang Vieng has gained considerable notoriety in recent years with many bars and water slides into the river torn down due to a number of fatalities - wikitravel provides updated information.

    4. Vientiane

    One of the most laidback capital cities in the world. Vientiane has some fantastic French colonial and Buddhist architecture. You can also visit the impressive, nearby Buddha Park.

    5. Si Phan Don

    Si Phan Don (AKA Four Thousand Islands) is a collection of sleepy islands in the Mekong River. A great place to chill in a hammock, you may even spot the rare Irrawaddy dolphin.

    6. Tham Kong Lo

    Kong Lo is a 7.5km tunnel cave and widely regarded as one of the best caving experiences in the world.

    7. Bolaven Plateau

    The Bolaven Plateau is a beautiful area home to many tribes and renowned for its coffee plantations. The Bolaven Plateau is also known for its many rivers and waterfalls.

    8. Pakse

    Pakse is the fourth largest city in Laos and is an ideal base and rest point with many top attractions nearby. The city itself is relaxed and welcoming with numerous bars and restaurants.

    9. Vat Phou

    Vat Phou is a series of temple and shrine ruins near Champasak. It is considered the finest Khmer temple site outside of Cambodia.

    10. Xiangkhoang Plateau

    Xiangkhoang Plateau (AKA The Plain Of Jars) is a mysterious rolling plain scattered with stone jars. A random, yet beautiful place - it is still unknown why the jars are here.

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