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Backpacker Advice and Amazon have partnered up to bring you the cheapest travel gear deals for your trip of a lifetime. With our knowledge of what backpackers need and want for their trip, coupled with Amazon secure and world-leading online shopping engine, there is no better place to purchase your travel goods. Only the very best products have been hand picked to be available in our Travel Shop, which contains everything you need for your Gap Year; from Backpacks and Microfiber Towels, to Sleeping Bag Liners and Worldwide Power Adaptors. Enter the Shop

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Our partnership with Amazon is the perfect match. Together we provide the best and lowest priced products, along with a secure and trusted online shopping experience.

We have hand picked only useful and top quality products to be available for sale in our store. securely handles the payment and delivery side of the shop. After adding the items you wish to your Shopping Cart, you will be redirected to Amazon to Checkout.

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